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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

Kindergarten class started their day playing amongst the classroom environment as the weather was a bit rainy this morning. We then joined for our morning group time as a class. We welcomed one another, completed our daily calendar and spoke about the season we are in and the weather today. We also practiced our alphabet and did our Jolly Phonics.

We then had some morning tea and began our day amongst some indoor activities. Today we loved exploring our practical life shelf with scooping, pouring, tongs, etc. We have created a few different activities to try and replicate the skills that children use in real life, like spooning some dried beans, pouring water into cups and using tongs to pick up “food”. These are all skills they use at meal times as well as buttons, clips and fasteners to practice skills for dressing themselves.

Kindergarten also loved some ocean animal play today! Building up our vocabulary regarding sea creatures and fostering that curiosity before we get our visit from the Ocean Stars program. Learning about wildlife and how to look after it builds our sense of belonging to the earth and responsibility. We had some matching cards to match the animals to pictures and also quiz cards that reveal clues that get easier and easier until the children could figure out the animal. They had lots of fun getting involved in today’s activity.

Some of us got to participate in our Big Little Sports lesson and built on their skills and concentration. We always get excited and love getting involved in Soccer! Thanks so much Coach 🙂

It was then time for us all to attend the Ocean Stars Marine Show. We were super excited to get involved and meet some special ocean creatures. The children were engaged and eager to learn more. They absolutely loved it! What a great and informative show!

Back in the room, we prepared for lunch and rest time and joined for a Sports and movement session beforehand. Today’s session included jumping and balancing games. We were challenged to jump over hurdles of increasing size and difficulty, jumping to try and reach a target while going over the hurdles to coordinate the whole body while jumping (head, arms, torso as well as legs). As well as moving around the tree house in different ways: hopping, skipping, jumping etc.

Thank you Kindergarten class for a great day, we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana