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Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Today Kindergarten 1 started their day with an inclusive group time, completing our daily calendar and discussing what the weather was like for the day. We also did a quick clock game as our transition to wash hands and have our morning tea.

Today, we focused on a fun activity that involved a timeline of a normal Kindy day. For instance there were cards with different pictures our regular routine and the associated times that it happens e.g. 12:00 lunch time. The children had to sequence the whole day and when they were finished they used it as a reference to match the pictures and also the times of the day. It was a great activity for introducing the concept of time to some children and for others it was a great way to practice recognising the time both in an analogue and digital way. Understanding when things happen during the day helps build a sense of comfort and independence in children and having the visual and clock timeline helps.

Other children continued making their books that we have been working on this week. The imagination, creativity and artistic skills have been flowing this week as the children have been illustrating and telling the teachers what their stories are about so we can record them and create a book to take home.

For our sport and movement session today the children practiced different locomotion skills and then had to race to a coloured hoop when it was called out. For our next game the children split into teams and one at a time had to collect a ball and throw it into the net. There was a great sense of competition to try and race to get the balls in the net but also a sense of excitement and joy as the children cheered on their teammates and jumped for joy when they scored.

In the afternoon we stayed in a little longer to enjoy some puzzles and books which was a great opportunity for the children to work together and have some more quiet time to themselves or with a friend.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana