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Good afternoon parents and friends and happy Friday!

Today we started our day with our welcome, daily calendar and the roll as per usual. After we progressed with our Graduation ceremony practice. Coen also so kindly brought in a book this morning that we read as a class. It was called “The Monster Mystery” it was a lift-the-flap book and the children loved to guess what they were going to see behind the flap before Miss Jess lifted it up.

After we had morning tea and participated in some table activities which included Lego, threading beads, whiteboard games and a dot painting activity to finish off NAIDOC Week. The children used sticks to copy indigenous images and recreate them on their piece of paper. We focused on building our fine motor and focus skills. We then had a mini group time as we waited for our dancing lesson where Miss Jess thought of a ‘magic number’ and the children had to use their knowledge of understanding higher and lower when describing numbers to guess the correct answer.

For dance today we kicked off our holiday festivities by dancing to some of our favourite Christmas song with Miss Jenny The children loved this class so much and it is so lovely to see them all so interactive and engaged during this time.

This afternoon we spoke about Diwali day and what it was about before we created our own lanterns and decorated them with sequences.

Depending on the weather we will be headed up to the top playground for a ball of fun and sport activities!

What a wonderful day it has been today,

Thank you Kindergarten

Have a safe and lovely weekend, see you all next week.