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This morning Miss Shannan surprised the children with some new puzzles. They are loving puzzles of all kinds at the moment and this one involved the children counting the pictures on the puzzle pieces and then finding the corresponding number piece and joining them together. The children completed this puzzle both individually and collaboratively. Often finding the matches to each other’s pieces and together joining them; others recounting the pictures to double check when then didn’t match the original number and then finding the correct number with ease.

Following on from this we also did a counting playdough experience focusing on both our fine motor and counting skills, where the children cut and rolled the playdough into small balls, matching the numbers on their chosen cards. Macy chose to roll the playdough using her hands, aligning them onto her caterpillar; Rosie liked using the ball maker scissors, squeezing the playdough into little balls; Luna used a different strategy again, making one big ball, before cutting it up and making smaller balls.

We had Miss Hayley visit for yoga today. We played a different version of heads, shoulders, knees and toes, lifting them up into the air and stretching our bodies. We always have lots of fun when Miss Hayley comes for yoga.

Outside Ivy and Harper created a space for their doll family. Set up at the table, they placed all of the furniture out in the house and on their ‘extra big house’ (the table) to extend their play and the lives of their little friends.

Bonnie, Owen and Armin enjoyed some time together cooking up a treat in home corner. They set up cozy little spaces in and around home corner both for cooking in and for relaxing in.

Emerson and Taran enjoyed some time with Miss Shannan building with the new balancing blocks. They took their time when selecting the perfect pieces for their builds and then finding ways to carefully help them stay up and not fall down. This activity extended their patience and trial and error skills.

Thank you for a wonderful day!
Miss Shannan☺️