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Owen and Taran enjoyed exploring the dinosaurs set up this morning. Owen proudly listed all of the dinosaur names, showing them to Taran and Miss Shannan “I love Dinosaurs!”. Taran liked moving them about in their enclosures, “I’m making them safe from the big dinosaurs”.

Rosie, Harper, Macy and Luna investigated the counting activity. They worked both individually and collaboratively to identify and count the animals on the cards and then clip the pegs onto the correct corresponding numbers.

Outside, Ivy enjoyed pushing her friends on the swings. She used her muscles to push them as hard and fast as she could, “I’m going to swing them as high as the sky! Look!”.

Tate took his tiger on an adventure today, teaching how to play the floor is lava, and pointing out where the lava monsters are and how to get away by climbing up onto the hill.

The Origins – The Rainbow Serpent show was on today. A lovely lady came to teach us about Australia’s first people, who have been here for over 65 million years. The children learnt that no matter our skin or hair colour, we are all the same inside. The children really enjoyed this show, learning about, Uluru, the didgeridoo, dreamtime stories and how they were once written in the sand and listening to lots of beautiful traditional songs.

Armin practised his fine motor and manipulation skills as he conquered all of the puzzles at the beginning of rest time. He took his time completing the koala puzzle, admiring the different animals within the puzzle and the activities they each were completing.

Bonnie and Millie thoroughly enjoyed todays combined kindy yoga session with Miss Hayley. They practiced their respect for themselves and one another as they recognised their personal bubble and the bubble of those around them. They also enjoyed the visualisation of this concept with the use of actual bubbles. They watched as the bubbles floated about the room, only popping them when they came into their own bubbles.

Thank you for a lovely day!

Miss Shannan 😊