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Miss Jess came for our Mandarin lesson today. We learnt feeling words today. Miss Jess taught the children the words for feelings using a story book about a little fish and his broken stone. The children all showed the feelings on their faces before repeating the new words back to Miss Jess when she held out her hand microphone to them. Macy and Luna were excited to practice their newly learnt words, smiling away when Miss Jess held the microphone towards them and eagerly stating the feelings when reading the story. Ella enjoyed the drawing part of the lesson. When the children all drew the emotions from the story, Ella happily drew how the little fish was feeling, holding it up to Miss Jess to show her when she had finished.

Outside in the big yard, Owen scaled the monkey bars, swinging all of the way from one side to the other. He even stopped to show Miss Shannan his trick, swinging his body up to kick super high.

Zachary brought in a book from home today. He decided to read it outside with Emerson. Sitting together on the classroom threshold, they laughed and laughed as they looked together at all of the pictures within the book.

When asked what inside toys she would like to bring outside, Bonnie selected the doll’s house. She placed it on the table on the veranda playing together with her friends, creating their own little house and town setup.

Hendrix was very creative today. This morning he was cooking delicious cupcakes out in the sandpit and then later he made a playdough version of Miss Shannan surfing. Taran requested rainbow playdough today, so we set out as a group to create just that. Miss Shannan mixed the initial sticky dough before splitting up it between the children. Each child then mixed together a different coloured dough before we all split up our dough into little balls and shared them with our peers. Ivy rolled all of her colours together and said that her playdough looked just like rainbow ice-cream.

Rosie went on a flower search around the outdoor environment today. She found many pretty little flowers that she was very excited to take home and show to her family.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day!

Miss Shannan😊