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What a fabulous day we have had today. We started off our morning with some show and tell in our morning group time. Zachary brought in his spider-man book from home. He told us all about it and that he likes to read it at bedtime with his daddy. He asked Miss Shannan to read it at rest time and so that is what we did. The children all gathered around on their beds and listened quietly to the story. It was lovely to enjoy this time together as a group.

As requested by Harper we had a dance party today before we went back outside. We danced around the room to lots of different Disney songs, grooving and wiggling about.

We had a trial lesson with Mr Trevor today for tennis and the children all had a ball! They all excitedly watched the lesson before them through the window, jumping and squealing when Mr Trevor approached to take them for their turn. They practiced bouncing the tennis balls and catching them with both one hand and two, bouncing the ball into the tall basket and even hitting the ball with the racket. We had lots of fun, swinging the racket up to hit the ball Mr Trevor was throwing. Mr Trevor has given everyone a small note in information if you are interested in continuing these lessons.

Luna and Macy enjoyed some cooking time this morning in the big yard. They were cooking yummy pancakes, offering them out to their friends for a taste. Miss Shannan even got to taste them, delicious! Hendrix spent time this morning constructing a very big castle. It stood as tall as him and was the perfect hiding spot. Emerson was running up and down the big hill as a superhero. He and his friends were chasing each other about and scaring away the monsters that had intruded the yard.

Ivy requested the bingo game sitting on Miss Shannan’s desk. She asked Miss Shannan how to play it and soon had lots of friends gathered around, curious to learn the new game as well. We soon had many bingo wiz’s in the group. Rosie discovered the new coloured glasses in the light box area. Testing out looking through the different colours and how they made the room, and all her friends look, “My friends are blue!”. Taran spent quite some time with the peg boards. She explained all the different things that she was making; buses, people and lots of flowers.

Ella created many patterns and shapes with various loose parts and coloured counters on the light box. She carefully selected the colours that she wanted and found special spaces for them on the light box.

Hope you have a fabulous night, see you all tomorrow!

Miss Shannan 😊