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Here’s a snapshot of our jam packed day in the kindergarten Two room.

Millicent shared some very exciting news with her friends today. She brought along a very special photo to show us, it was a picture of a little baby in her mummy tummy! We took turns looking at the photo and pointing out what we could see, ‘there’s the babies nose!’ ‘and there’s an ear!’. We are all so happy for Millicent!

As we were combining with Mr Andrews class for Funky Feet today, we decided to go a little bit early and play with our Kindergarten one friends. As we first walked into the room, the children were intrigued by the huge light box on the table, congregating around it to investigate. After asking Miss Shannan what it was, Miss Shannan took out one of the coloured counters and placed it onto the table, the children were intrigued by the way in which the light went through the counters and they became brighter. They began taking more and more counters out and placing them onto the light box.

Miss Shannan showed the children how when the red counter was placed onto a blue counter, the colour appeared to change to purple. The children then began testing out different combinations of colours to see what colours they could create with them. After some trial and error, Bonnie soon discovered that the yellow and blue, made the colour green and Owen discovered that the yellow and red made the colour orange. As an extension on this learning, Miss Shannan is sourcing a light box for our room for the children to use in their own learning and investigations.

In funky feet today with Miss Jen we did lots of stretching and practiced reaching down and touching our toes, as well as bending like a butterfly and sniffing our feet (we all thought this was quite hilarious). Harper and Millicent showed lots of skills as they practiced trying to touch their feet to their head and bend their body like a snake. Hendrix and Tate liked hopping on one foot jumping and giggling about. After going through a warmup with Miss Jen and then practicing a few dances and even forming a conga line, we made a big dance circle and took turns jumping up and showing our friends our moves. This was lots of fun!

We all liked checking out the new class mirror that Miss Shannan bought for our sunscreen station. We all enjoyed checking ourselves out in the mirror and poking lots of funny faces. Once again, cubby houses were a hit, with the children making them all over our room, inside were families and animals and even buildings being constructed with the blocks.

In honour of Sweethearts day and valentines day, we drew pictures and made collages for those who are special to us. Some of the children drew pictures, others cut out love hearts and glued them down and others talked about those who they love and why they love them. There were lots of beautiful conversations to be heard.

Christopher enjoyed making discoveries in the loose parts corner. After investigating what was in all of the jars and testing out the scales, he stacked them up in a tower, carefully balancing them upon each other as to not let them fall.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Shannan ☺️