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Happy Thursday families and friends…

Today in the Kindergarten 2 Room the children were all excited to experience the ‘Deadly Australians’ animal show. Miss Leesa explained that the show wasn’t until the afternoon after lunch and rest time. The children decided they could wait till the afternoon but needed some reminders that the show was coming later. The afternoon was a long time to wait!!! This morning the children enjoyed more show and tell experiences with Hendrix proudly showing off his family photos and Zachary sharing his ‘Moana’ book which we decided to share for group time later in the day.

Play and learning time today the children continued on with puzzle play upon request by Zachary. The children worked on the ‘numbers train’ puzzle today as they counted and ensured they had all the numbers in order. Today we also continued on with our ‘All about me’ sheets and painted portraits of our families using the water colours and thin brushes. Mr Daniel then joined us for ARAKAN as we all made our way to the outdoor classroom to join in. The children respond this well to this active session of fun and laughter as Mr Daniel often tries to trick the children with funny games as they learn a variety Martial Arts skills.

Other experiences today included dinosaur play, role play in home corner with the kitchen set and dolls and blankets, sensory playdough play and building and constructing with the lego set.

Well… enjoy the photos…Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa