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Hello families and friends…

Well… What a wonderfully busy day of fun, learning and play in the Kindergarten 2 room today.  Yarn time this morning we shared two story books brought along by our friend Emerson all about animals that live in the sea to extend on our theme this week. All the children chose ‘Sharing a Shell’ story first as we learnt how important is to be kind to our friends, to share and look after each other just like the crab, anemone and bristleworm learnt to do in the story. After morning tea today the children continued on with our theme as we identified the features of the large whale and shark figurines and then painted their interpretation of the animals with water colours. The children then extended on this experience themselves as they requested textas to draw pictures of sea monsters, boats and sailors.

Today we also continued on with our first name and letter recognition. The children have responded so well to this experience so far this week. Today we utilised the alphabet tracing flashcards and then practiced writing the letters from our first name on the chalkboards. The children were super proud of their achievements. Some friends then started making letters from their name with the playdough. Well Done!

Other play experiences today included role play with the doctors and nurses kit, 6-12 piece transport puzzle play, construction building with the connector blocks, sensory playdough play with the scissors, wooden rollers and hammers, doll house play, role play with the farm animals and for group time we shared Miss Leesa’s puppets and felt stories including 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Mr. Frog and Little Turtle.

Enjoy the photos… Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa