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Welcome to 2020 in the Kindergarten room!

Happy New Year family and friends. Today we welcomed 2020 and new beginnings with a majority of our class making the transition from Pre Kindergarten to Kindergarten this year. We also welcome some brand new friends to the class! Its going to be an amazing year.

Back to our quick little update from today..

We started the day playing outside in the beautiful 2020 summer weather. Tag, riding bikes, drawing, playing in the sandpit and swinging to new heights on the swing!

After a long play outside we head indoors for some refreshments with our young friends replenished, all were welcomed to the group mat for their very first Kindergarten group time where the children got the opportunity to introduce themselves to the class and to share all the fun things they got up to over the Christmas break.

As the morning moved on, the children were engaged in many different activities such as painting, building blocks, creative drawing, dress ups, story-time, reading books and turning home corner into a Walmart inspired mega store!

Lunch time! We had some very hungry munchkins today! Apparently deconstructed sushi is a class favourite!

With our tummies full, it was time to rest. Everyone was set up with their own beds and welcomed to have a laydown. Most had a little nap for those who were just too excited to be in Kindergarten a range of quite activities where laid out for the children to actively participate in.

With the class now all back on their feet after a quick clean up it was time for afternoon tea.

Following afternoon tea we had story-time on the group mat and played some games as a class such as “Doggy Doggy, where’s the bone?” and “bug on a rug” before we head back outside to really stretch out their legs and allow them free time to play in the playground with all their friends.

It has been a great day here in the Kindergarten room. A perfect start to 2020!


Mr G