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Thursday in the Kindergarten room!

It was a beautiful start to the morning, playing outside, riding bikes, mini stilt walking, pretending to be at the beach, building sandcastles, reading booking in the morning sun, playing tag, kicking balls around, playing with a toy petting zoo, waterplay and painting flowers!

Morning Tea Time!

Moving inside to the much welcomed cool crisp air conditioned class room, it was time to wash our hands and get ready for a our morning tea. Sitting nicely with our friends we devoured our morning tea with everyone lining up for seconds!

Cleaning up after ourselves stacking chairs and clearing the tables we all moved to the group mat to re group and lay out the action plan for the day ahead. We also had some time for show and tell with lots of stories of the movements of all the cheeky little elves living at home with many of the class. Gave everyone a good laugh, we have some very funny elves out there, including our resident elf Froggy who decided hanging out near the air conditioner was the order of the day and must have reminded him a lot of his home in the North Pole.

We love Christmas time! So the next order of business for Kindergarten was to of course make more Christmas Arts & Crafts. Today we made, Santa Faces with paper plates, cotton balls, paper, glue and lots of glitter! Next we made some Christmas crowns (Even one for Mr G!). We also continued working on our wall sized Christmas tree (work in progress) adding additional green paper links to add to our tree.

Time to get our Arakan on! Our martial arts sensei ran us through our paces working on reaction time and body control/balance.

Lunch Time.

Doing our best to clean up the Christmas glitter explosion, we wash up and lined up eagerly for lunch. It was delicious! So much so most went for thirds!

With our tummy’s full we once again stacked our chairs and packed away after our before returned to the group mat to recap and reflect on the day that has been. We than had story time as transitioned into quiet relaxation/nap time.

After some brief yet peaceful down time, different activities were set out around the room including dominos blocks, colouring in, dress-ups, building blocks and so much more! Suddenly it was afternoon tea time and the day is nearly through. As the saying goes, “Time fly’s when your having fun!”.

What a day it has been in the Kindergarten room! Happy Thursday to all and to all a good day!