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Hello and welcome to our terrific Tuesday! ♥

What a wonderful day it has been and I look forward to sharing with you what they all got up to.

This morning all children were out and about exploring the great outdoors, fresh air and some what of a cool breeze as the rain kept away the children had longer to play outside. Some of the things liked by our friends were,

  • Christmas drawing with Mr Andrew
  • Braxton showing Miss Jess how great his balancing skills were on the tight ropes!
  • A game of dodge ball (bean bag) all children were engaged in this and absolutely loved getting their best aim on for a fun way to enhance on coordination skills.
  • Taking it in turns to lead one an other through the mine field. Giving instructions of left, right, straight and stop. This fun fun game is great because it helps enhance on their teamwork building skills as well as giving instructions to their friends.
  • The mud kitchen was loved by a few where they can use their imagination, role play, sensory play and so much more as they bake away.

As the time came to transition inside, all children washed their hands and joined Miss Jess on the carpet for group time. We went through our calendar and did our roll call. Today before the children went to self serve for morning tea Miss Jess wrote the numbers 1-10 on the white board and asked the children to say a number any number between 1-10 before moving on! They all did a wonderful job at recognizing the numbers they chose.

After morning tea it was time for children to self select activities of their choice. Building towers, practicing writing words, role playing and exploring our natural trolley with rocks, shells, wood and other little things. Coen made a massive river! While Henry created his name using the rocks! The children also created an art gallery of their favorite art work to be displayed in the foyer along with their art folders to be taken home.

This afternoon we all slipped, slopped and slapped our sunscreen on, grabbed our hats and headed outside after our scrumptious afternoon tea.

Thankyou for today Kindergarten,

See you all tomorrow.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.