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We had lots of fun in the big yard this morning. Ivy and Tanner were transforming Ryan into a mermaid, burying his legs in the sand and shaping his tail. Owen, Hendrix and Tate were digging to find the bottom of the sandpit, “It’s going to take a while. We may have to dig up the whole sandpit!”. Tate laughed as he slipped down into the hole he was digging, “Look my bottoms stuck, someone has to dig me out now!”

Riley was exploring the yard through the eyes of the big diggers. Going up and over the rock bridges and looping around the entirety of the sandpit. Christopher soon joined him on this adventure and together they drove the trucks all around the outside environment, weaving their way around any obstacles.

Harper and Millicent enjoyed some time on the sings. They swung as fast and as far as they could, reaching their legs out to try and touch each other with their toes.

Back in our yard, with such beautiful weather we decided to have another outside day.

On the veranda the children engaged in a threading activity that promoted their fine motor development. Many bracelets, rings and necklaces were made and modelled today.

We also had a cutting and gluing activity where the children expressed their creativity and imagination as monsters, cards and creatures all came to life.

The marble run was requested today, so we brought it out and played it in the shade enjoying the cool breeze passing through the yard. We also decided to bring out the dinosaurs and tree house and the children became very imaginative in their play, creating multiple little worlds of play.

We also had mums, dads and babies taking residence in the outdoor environment, setting up their own little houses, complete with beds and a kitchen.

As per our rest time routine, the children engaged in a cosmic yoga adventure. Today they travelled on a Rocketship all the way to the moon, where they then practiced their moon walking and jumping as they moved about the atmosphere. They also completed various puzzles, working both individually and collaboratively with their peers.

Thank you everyone for a lovely week. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. See you again soon!

Miss Shannan 😊