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Happy Wednesday!

Welcome everyone to our Wednesday blog for the Kindergarten class. Today we gathered in the playground this morning for a variety of different activities including drawings on the chalkboard, little reading sessions, imaginary play in the outdoor kitchen and a new game Mr Andrew set up where the children had to get the basketball across a rope line by hitting it with bean bags, we then put two teams against each other to try and get it over each other’s rope and there was great teamwork and strategy happening to try and win the game.

We came indoors to self-serve some delicious morning tea and fill our own water bottles up and while we ate we asked all the children to estimate how many children were here today. We done to Carter and Eva who guessed 21 exactly! (and honourable mention to Hazel with 20 and Leo with 19).

At group time we changed our calendar and played a guessing game using the wild animals. We laid out a around 11 animals and one person would think of an animals and choose other people to ask questions to try and figure out what it was. The person could only answer “yes” or “no” It was a great exercise for problem solving and critical thinking skills to think of different features of animals and eliminate some and ask about others. It was also great for being able to formulate questions and understand what a question needs.

Other activities that we enjoyed today included:

  • Using rulers to measure our drink bottles
  • Small performances in groups of 5 or 6 where they had to choose a song to sing
  • Exploring the human body with the bone cards and felt organs
  • Q & A session about Kianni’s book called “eye to eye” which prompted a big discussion about eye colour and had children racing over to the mirror to check out what eye colour they had

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the photos

Miss Jess and Mr Andrew