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Happy Friday everyone and welcome to a wonderful day in the Kindergarten room. Today we had our friends Carter, Sunni, Braxton, Coen, Harper, Ellie, Mariah, Eva and Astrid join me (Miss Emma) in the kindergarten. I loved being back with the children after a few days out supporting in the office.

This morning after our play outside where we had the opportunity to explore not only the mound, sand pit, swing and outdoor classroom. We had the opportunity to explore and use our imagination as we played with the dinosaur set up, we played hide and seek, rode our bikes and explored the beams where we practiced our balancing. We then moved inside to have our delicious morning tea. Once again the children showed increasing confidence as they used the tongs and serving spoons to serve up their meal. Well done everyone. As we sat and ate our morning tea I encouraged the children to share their ideas of what they would like to engage in today. Painting, lego, home corner  and drawing were among the popular choices for our friends today. After the children had tidy away after the meal they joined on the group mat where they engaged in some quiet reading either individually or small groups, whilst I set up the play environments, with some help from Astrid, Mariah and Braxton. Now I was time to get involved in our play.

At the painting station the children had the opportunity to paint using foam brushes. As they explored and experimented with the brushes the children enjoyed dotting and smudging the paint over their paper to create their works of art. Harper and Coen shared with me that they were creating rainbows. Astrid was also making a rainbow and lots of colourful dots. Mariah, Carter and Braxton enjoyed sharing and identifying the various colours they had used on their pictures. Through this painting experience the children had the opportunity to explore and express their creativity and imagination, further strengthen their fine motor skills as they held and manoeuvred the paint brush and expressing their ideas as they communicated and used descriptive language to describe what they had created.

At the lego table it was fantastic to see some collaborative play and construction happening with Sunni and Braxton as they created farms, houses and tall towers. I loved listening to their conversations with one another and as they used their negotiating skills with some support. Coen and Mariah enjoyed exploring the Lego too, joining in with the trend of making farms. I loved seeing how proud they were to share with me what they had created.

An activity I put out for the children to explore this morning was threading buttons onto pipe cleaners. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children for the children to explore using their hand eye coordination, further strengthen their fine motor skills, be persistent and concentrate on a task for a long period of time. As we sat and explored this activity together we talked about the different animal shaped buttons and the children were eager to make some bracelets. Next week we will provide the children with the opportunity to make some bracelets with beads that they can take home.

Home corner was a hive of activity this morning too with Harper, Ellie, Eva, Coen and Carter. Here they created a super market where they were selling their fruits and vegetables, with some very expensive bananas which Eva commented that they cost $30.00. We also had a variety of restaurants and our friends created a variety delicious dishes.

This afternoon while our children rest and have quiet time they will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. So far this afternoon Coen and Braxton have been busy at work creating and setting up a train track which they want to make their really big. The children will have the opportunity to draw, explore puzzles and of course get out and explore in the fresh air.

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend everyone and we will see you all next week.

Miss Emma