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Happy Friday everyone we hope you are having a wonderful day.

This morning we were being very busy bakers in the Kindergarten, making one of our friends favourite baked treats, Cheesymite scrolls. The children were all very excited to engage in this baking experience today and seemed curious about how we were going to make them. First we all made sure our hands were nice and clean and we talked about the importance of hygiene when we are baking, before moving on to check we had all the ingredients we required. Now we were organised we could start making our yummy treats. Firstly everyone had the opportunity to measure out the flour, where we worked out we needed ten 1/4 cups. The children did a wonderful job of keeping count. Next we rubbed the butter into the flour, Sage, Layla, Wynter and Emily were our wonderful helpers for this step.  Next we measured out the milk, before all having a turn to combine the ingredients together.  Now the fun part after I had kneaded the dough together the children took turns at rolling out the dough into a square shape, which we then spread vegemite on top, the children said it was just like making toast, we then sprinkled on the cheese, rolled it up, cut it into pieces and put in the oven to bake. At lunchtime the children had the opportunity to taste their delicious creation, all agreeing that it was very yummy. I wonder if any other children have a favourite snack that we could make next time. We would love to have any of your suggestions.

Baking and cooking is provides the opportunity for children to engage and explore a variety of skills. Today the children had the opportunity to explore numeracy as we measured using the measuring cups, and used our counting skills. They were exploring and engaging with literacy and language as we read through the recipe together and through using baking terminology kneading, rubbing, measuring, mixing, rolling and baking. It was also a great opportunity to engage in learning with our peers as we took turns and engaged in conversation with one another.

After baking this morning we had our fun dance class with Miss Jenn where we joined in with our pre kindy friends.

This afternoon as we had a very busy morning we will be engaging in a colour sorting activity, drawing freely expressing a=our imagination and creativity, shape puzzles, manipulative block play and if it doesn’t rain we will go outside to engage in some obstacle course fun.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend

Miss Emma

To our Nana and Pops,GRANDMA & GRANDPA, NONNA