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Good afternoon wonderful families,

Welcome to our fantastic FRIDAYYYY! Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 15 fabulous friends to the room.

All children were happy to have a lovely morning play in the nice cool air that mother nature has provided. Children enjoyed the obstacle course practicing their balancing skills, some children loved playing fun ball games while others liked exploring the sandpit, zooming around on the bikes or scooters, swinging in the nice breeze OR having fun being creative with painting at the table. After our big play outside all children from all rooms helped tidy the yard together as one big team effort!

When it was all tidy the kindergarten children went to wash their hands and got ready for some delicious morning tea! After the children had eaten they made their way down to the Kindergarten group time mat. In group time today we sang our autumn song, and talked more about autumn. We than changed our calendar and spoke about what we will do today. Children then went off to explore some self – selected activities!

At the table we had friendship bracelet making!!! All children absolutely loved decoration the paper bracelets before choosing someone they would like to give it too! So many smiles and kindness were seen as this activity was done. Kindness has been one of the key topics we have been talking about lately and it truly is being shown.

Lego and connectors have been such a great hit lately for our friends. They have been really enjoying creating houses, farmyards, squares, robots and so much more, they use such magnificent creativity when it comes to constructing and they do a wonderful job and to see how concentrated and focused they are at completing it to reach their end result is amazing.

Home corner too has also been a big favourite  by the children as they enjoy role playing different roles, creating different ideas for roles such as it being someone’s birthday or they are playing as a family and so many other ones. Using their imagination and creativity to create these scenarios is wonderful.

Throughout the day children explore various activities  that are offered or they have self- selected.

Miss JEENNNYYYY came today for DANCEEEE!!! Kindergarten children were excited to get their boogie on! Seeing how much fun they have and the smiles and laughs that are shared really warm my heart! They were booming with confidence in todays lesson as they did their solo dancing with the pom poms! The train dance was fun too as well as the musical statues game!! Thankyou Miss Jenny and see you again next Friday.

From next week as children are dropped off there will be a table inside the room with a ‘sign your name in’ where the children trace their name then underneath write it out. This is a great way for children to get the motion of how the letters in their name are formed and for them to practice how to write their name. For those parents who may not get enough time that is not a problem at all as Mr Andrew or Miss Jess will also be doing name writing throughout the days here so those children are also being able to practice.

This afternoon depending on the weather…children may or may not head outside and if it does rain…do not fear as the fun isn’t over it will only continue on inside for the rest of the afternoon! 🙂

What an awesome week it has been and A MASSIVE thankyou to all our kindergarten friends for this week.

We truly hope you have all had a wonderful week and day!

Have a safe and lovely weekend,

See you all next week.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.