Good afternoon and welcome to lovely day in the Kindergarten room. This morning we engaged outside with our other friends playing on the swing, riding bikes, walking along the obstacle course and playing in the sandpit, we then came inside and washed our hands to have some yummy morning tea outside. On the menu today was custard, banana, peach and some muesli.

At group time this morning we sang our morning songs “Hello to the children of the world and Tena Keo.” This week we have been learning about the New Zealand culture. Miss Emma asked the children if they would like to continue learning about New Zealand or to learn about a new country/culture. There was a mixed response from the children wanting to continue to learn about New Zealand and some would like to learn about Australia. Next week we will incorporate both of these cultures into our program. Our discussion then moved to who Hungry Jacks would be spending the weekend with. This week Jaxon will be taking him home for the weekend. We look forward to hearing what they got up to over the weekend on Monday.

Yesterday layla had mentioned that we needed to make some pizzas for our pizza shop. As an activity this morning the children had the opportunity to make their own pizzas. This was a great opportunity for the children to practice their scissor skills as they cut around the various ingredients they wanted to put onto their pizza. It was also a great opportunity for the children to use their verbal skills as they communicated to Miss Emma and their peers what they had put on their pizza, and what type of pizza they like to eat at home. Sage said his pizza going to have Egg, cheese, Salami, corn, pineapple and mostly everything, Layla said her pizza going to have some corn, salami, and cheese and pineapple at home I make some corn, egg and cheese, Emily told us I put on some corn, peproni, and two cheese and Wynter said her pizza only has cheese. After the children had made their pizzas they took them into the home corner to use them in their play.

Our pizza shop was a hive of activity this morning with the children using their pizza creations to serve up to their peers. As the children engaged in their play it was wonderful to here the conversations going back and forwards between them, talking about the types of pizza they had for sale, how much they cost and what pizzas they wanted to order. As the children were cooking the pizzas and serving to their peers we talked about safety when we are using an oven, and when we were carrying hot food. As the children continue to be interested in the pizza shop we will have this area set up for next week. Maybe we could also incorporate a pizza oven for the children to cook their pizzas in. If anyone has a cardboard box at home we could use for this we would really appreciate it.

Other play that was occurring around the room this morning was car racing, racing the cars under the bridges, lots of dressing up in a variety of costumes, exploring the alphabet soup game and Sage, Layla and Emily were role playing group time using the five speckled frogs song that we use for our transition time to sing to one another.

We also had our fun dance class with Miss Jenni where we started off with the hokey pokey, which is a great song we can incorporate into our play especially when we do dancing in the tree house. We then moved on to our solos and practicing a variety of skills. I noticed that the children found doing star jumps a little tricky along with high knees which we will incorporate into our program for the children to further practice.


When we came inside we had a small play before coming together on the group mat where we talked about the activites and play we enjoyed this morning. Here is what the children enjoyed engaging in this morning. Hamilton “Playing with the cars. Playing with the alphabet soup and dancing.” Austin “Lego and drawing and home corner.” Layla “Playing in home corner, playing pizza. I liked playing in book corner.” Jaxon “I liked making the pizzas.” Wynter “I liked drawing and lego home corner with the pizza and making pizza.” Angelina “I liked sell pizza in home corner.” Sage “I liked playing shops the pizza shop. I liked making my pizza.”

Just a reminder today is Miss Sarah’s last day as she is moving to our Benowa hill’s centre and we will have Miss Nikki joining us in the Kindergarten next week.

Please remember if you have not done so already to bring in your ditto show permission forms, if you need a new one please let me know and I can get that for you. Also orders for the photos as they are next Thursday and Friday.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah