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Hello and welcome to the Kindergarten Room with Miss Jess and Miss Emma and Mr Ginner 😊
Today we welcomed 11 amazing friends with open arms and warm smiles. We have had a fabulous Friday and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
This morning our friends spent another day inside as it is too wet for the builders to continue to fix the turf until early next week, however we are thankful it is raining, and we hope it reaches the fires to help out the firefighters.
We had Mr Andrew who is going to be the new Kindergarten teacher come in to say hello to everyone. Our friends were very excited and liked the visit from Mr Andrew and excited to see him on Monday.
What we did throughout the day inside;
Playdough fun!
– All friends enjoyed taking it in turns and making sure we were sharing the playdough with our friends. Sunni liked making love hearts and stars with the cutters and she placed them all on her arms in a line. Mace made a cool snowman while others were making some food out of their playdough.

– Today Mr Ginner thought it would be an awesome idea to create some self-portraits as they drew what they could see of themselves in the mirror on the paper and at the end of the year they would do another one and compare them! Harper and Mariah enjoyed doing this.

Yoga and dancing fun!
– Miss Jess did some kids yoga with her friends on the mat to calm their bodies down after our fun dancing time together! We were all very puffed and feeling tired and Eva suggested doing some yoga. Braxton, Eva, Harper, and Sunni enjoyed this.

Throughout the day all friends chose activities of their interest such as Lego, drawing, building blocks and much more that they played with nicely.
What a wonderful Friday it was!
Thankyou Kindergarten and see you all soon!
Have a safe and lovely weekend.
Miss Jess, Miss Emma and Mr Ginner 😊