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Welcome to the end of our week here in the Kindergarten classroom. We spent the day being very thankful for our friends and new teachers including Miss Jess who will be joining us for the rest of the year from babies 2.

Outdoors this morning we enjoyed hoop spinning, obstacle courses, playing on swings and bikes and also some hide and seek. As we came indoors for morning tea we had our group time where we checked the roll to see who was here today and read some stories.

Later in the morning we made our own “thank you” cards to show appreciation to our classmates for the kind things they have done for us. We practiced our pencil grip and how to write “thank you” and our names. The educators then added a special message for the intended targets. It was a great activity for building belonging and strengthening our Kindy friendships.

Meanwhile some children were finishing off their storybooks which will hopefully all be finished by the end of next week. Your children are very proud to show you the final products as they have worked really hard to practice their drawing and storytelling skills.

We headed outdoors again before lunch and enjoyed lots of free play activities with our Pre-Kindy and Senior Kindy friends like playing with balls, building with large wooden blocks and even helping to clean the playground environment. This is a big focus for us at the moment as we are trying to build as many independence skills as possible like self-dressing, tidying up when finished, looking after belongings and showing initiative to look after the class and centre.

In the afternoon we will split the group to have some indoors having a music session while others play our touch rugby sport and movement games. We will then swap the groups so everyone gets a chance to play everything.

Thanks for joining us today. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mr Andrew, Miss Steph, Miss Tatiane and Miss Jess