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Welcome to Friday in the Kindergarten room. What a wonderful morning we have had engaging in a variety of experiences in our newly designed environment from Thursday’s Kindergarten children.

After our morning play outside of painting, sand pit play, climbing and riding bikes, we ventured inside to fuel our bodies. After morning tea we joined together on the group mat where we sung our morning songs, did our acknowledgement of country and roll call incorporating a variety of different greetings, this included Jingeri, bonjour, ciao, hello, and konnichiwa. We then moved on to a discussion about the rules and expectations we have in the Kindergarten after a bit of an unsettled week. I loved the contributions from the children about what they think are some good rules for the room. Sage shared with us “Being sensible, by being safe and not interrupting.” Emily commented “Pack away.” Hamilton commented ” No running inside because we might hurt ourselves.” Wynter commented ” We need to pack away everything.” I also added what we have been working really hard on in the room which is being respectful to our friends and our educators. Now that was out of the way we could move forward with our day discussing what activities we would like to engage in and an activity that I wanted to work with the children on. Today the children wanted to finish making the race cars that we started on Wednesday, this included the talented Mr G’s creation, drawing and building with the blocks. As a group we worked together to organise the materials we required and setting them up on the table ready for our friends to explore.  As painting the cars was on the menu the children had the opportunity to select which colours they would like to paint with. Emily suggested brown, Sage suggested green, Angelina suggested purple and Harper suggested blue. What  colourful cars we are going to have. Now it was time to get involved in our play and explore.

The car painting station was a hive of activity throughout the morning as the children worked together to paint the car, it looked as though they were concentrating so hard as they carefully painted the details on the car. As we had already decorated two of our cars on Wednesday today we needed to add the finishing touches and construct them ready to be raced.The children are thoroughly looking forward to racing them once they are dry this afternoon.

As a few of the children have been showing an emerging interest in their name, which I think coincides with their visits to school recently, today the children had the opportunity to create their name puzzle. This was a great experience for the children to practice their name recognition skills, individual letter recognition, practicing their letter formations if they wished, a long with further strengthening their scissor skills as they carefully cut out the puzzle pieces and exploring numeracy as they counted the amount of letters that make up their names. As an extension of this activity the children had the opportunity to create their own puzzle by writing their name on puzzle pieces, then cutting them out. It was great to see the children willing to persist with difficulty and I loved seeing how proud they were of their achievements once they had finished. Over the next few weeks we will be adding different name activities which the children will be able to explore and engage with during our quiet activity time in their own activity bags.

We had some busy builders this morning using the blocks that Wynter had chosen for our play. I loved hearing the creative ideas and creations the children were coming up with. This included Wynter’s cowabunga and spiny thing, there was tall towers, cars and transformers in the mix.

Other play that was occurring this morning included drawing where the children had the freedom to use their creativity and imagination which our friend Harper had set up. Layla and Emily were playing teachers in home corner and Hamilton enjoyed making some music.

As it is Friday we had funky feet with Miss Jenn and what fun we had moving and grooving to the music. In today’s lesson, we used the maracas and pom poms to shake along with the music, we practiced our skipping, we did musical freeze, freestyle dancing and our friends Sage and Levii did the worm.

A long with the children’s choices of activities this afternoon, some of our friends have some show and tell which they would like to share with us this afternoon.

What did we enjoy today?

Angelina “Playing with home corner,  I liked making the special puzzle.” Harper “The drawing and the blocks.” Layla “I enjoyed painting the car and I enjoyed playing school with Emily.” Hamilton “I liked doing dancing shaking pom poms and I liked playing with the cars and I liked packing away.” Emily “I liked playing with Layla and Baby playing teachers.” Wynter “Um making a Cowabunga thing and making my spin thing.”

What we would like to do this afternoon?

Harper “Drawing again, and building.” Hamilton “Cutting out my name and I’m going to do some drawing.” Sage “Play with the building blocks.”  Levii “Read a book and play with the blocks and play with the spiny stuff.” Wynter “Play with the puzzles.” Layla ” Some drawing and some blocks.”

We hope you have an amazing week with your families.

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner 🙂