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Welcome to the end of the Kindergarten week. Friday classes are usually smaller so we have more time to relax and talk to each other as a group making sure everyone gets a turn to speak. This morning we had some big discussions about the weather as that was our focus today. We looked at the water cycle and how water makes its way into the clouds and rains or snows back down to earth. We pumped lots of water into the creek and followed it down into the drain and talked about where our water comes from and where it goes after we use it. The children were fascinated and we watched some short videos of the water cycle in action as well.

At story time we read a story called “when I grow up” and is about a puppy who asks all of his friends what he should be when we grow up. They answer things like “quick, friendly, helpful, clean, obedient, charming and playful”. We talked about what the children should all be when they grow and they answered things like “be kind, help others, be playful like the dogs!”. At this age children start to understand that their actions effect other and they need to consider other people’s perspectives as well. This is a big focus in our class at the moment, so we try and read lots of books that consider all the character’s feelings.

Another activity that we set up was a temperature measuring experiment. Mr Andrew put water into 3 different glasses and heated one up and cooled one down so we had 3 different temperatures. We used a thermometer to measure them and write down what the temperature was. Unfortunately our thermometer has a narrow range and we couldn’t do the room temp or cold water but it was great for the children to compare the different temperatures and see condensation in action which we talked about earlier today.

Some children even tried to learn “twinkle twinkle” on the keyboard and it was great to see how close they got after only a day of practice.

Our afternoon was filled with puzzle games, drawing, block play and exploration of the natural material table. Hopefully we will be able to get outdoors a little before the end of the day but if not then we will get some other activities out of the resource room as a fresh source of entertainment and learning.

Thanks for a great day everyone and see you next week

Mr Andrew

Dancing time!

Hopping around the tree house

Go fish! has been a popular game recently too