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Season greetings from the Kindergarten room!

Not long now until Christmas and don’t we know it here in the Kindergarten room! This week we have been enjoying “5 days of Christmas” each day with new and exciting Christmas activities that the children have really enjoyed. from making a gingerbread home, baking Christmas cookies, making special Christmas gifts for our families and so much more! Today (day 5) is popcorn and Christmas movie day!

Starting the day with a wonderful play outside as we eased into the morning followed by morning tea, show and tell and our beloved group time story-time. We played lots of games including “musical chairs” and “Doggy Doggy where’s your bone?” and of course we had time for creative drawing, building blocks and playing in the home corner.

We are just about to sit down for lunch and have a little rest. This afternoon we will play some “Christmas musical statues” before settling in with some popcorn to watch a special Christmas movie!

Wishing everyone a very merry weekend!