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 Hello families and welcome to our Friday blog! What a lovely day it was and a great way to end our week♥

Today we did two science experiments! One of them was a water filter and the second one was making salt crystals! For the water filter we used a plastic bottle and cut the top of it off before putting a cloth in the lid part so no dirt came through as the water trickled through the sand and charcoal. We discussed as a class why it is nice to have filtered water and what the sand, charcoal and gravel do as the water trickles through to become nice clean water. For the second experiment we made salt crystals! The children were all so amazed and intrigued about this and are all eager to see the results hopefully this afternoon or Monday we will have some nice crystals formed on the rope in the jar.

After our science fun, Miss Jenny joined us for some funky dance time! We practiced our dance routine, as well as some fun with the pom poms!! All children had a ball of fun with Miss Jenny showing their groovy moves. When Miss Jenny left all children self selected activities, some of the popular ones were building with the Lego and connectors, practicing fine motor skills by threading the beads on the different trees. Children also liked fishing with the magnetic fishes and fishing rode as well as role play in the home corner.

This afternoon all children enjoyed a nice play outside with their friends. We played a few games such as candle stick, bull rush and shooting some hoops with the basketball net in the nice fresh air. Connor also shared his special chalk with his friends as they happily drew away.

Thank you Kindergarten for the awesome day,

Have a lovely and safe weekend♥

Miss Jess and Miss Danna.