HAPPY FRIDAY! Good afternoon Kindergarten families and families. Today concludes our book week fun, the children came dressed as witches, princesses, fairies, superheroes and super Mario. We also celebrated Loud Shirt Day – supporting children who are deaf or who deal with hearing needs. Miss Jess and Miss Lyn both wore their loud colourful shirts. Our outdoor activities this morning included, riding the bikes, playing in the outdoor classroom with Miss Jess and playing on the swing, along with exploring the playground.  Indoor experiences on offer included – free dancing, creative expression  with the water colour paints, drawing, the counting blocks, puzzles, home area play, more dancing with our friendly bear who came to visit (aka Miss Jess) and some fun breathing and relaxation exercises. When it was time for Funky Feet Dance with Miss Jen, we all enjoyed the freeze game, dancing with the pom poms and playing a game of The Floor Is Lava. We will continue our afternoon with more fun activities.  Miss Lyn would like to say a special thankyou to Miss Jess and the Kindergarten class for having me join them while Mr Andrew was on leave. We wish you all a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday. Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Jess. 😊💖😊💖😊