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Happy Friday to all our families

We have had a lovely day today with the children exploring home corner, the craft area and the Doll house.

This morning as we played outside the children have enjoyed riding bikes, hunting down pirates and exploring the sandpit. Emily, Jaxon and Wynter was very busy taking pictures of their babies as they played today. Emily used a blue cloth to represent her mobile phone and was taking selfies as well. Jaxon was working hard to make the babies smile so they got a good photo. Hamilton investigated the different shaped shells on the loose parts trolley and he was quick to show me the twisty ones. Levii and Austin had a lovely time decorating the dolls house making sure that every doll had a space. The boys have settled well into the class group.

We have also had a visit from Miss Jeni this morning and the children have enjoyed dancing with her around the classroom, this activity is helping the children to strengthen their gross motor skills and their coordination.

We hope that you all have a fun and safe weekend.


Miss Sharon and her teddy bears.