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Welcome to the end of our week everyone. Hopefully you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to. Today we has a busy day with the children doing lots of small little projects that have been ongoing throughout the classroom in the past month.

We checked in on the worm farm today but they hadn’t eaten too much, we may need to get a few more worms so they can make their way through the food some more. Mariah helped collect some of the waste water and we diluted it with tap water and put it on the plants to help them grow. It’s great for the children to learn about sustainability and ways to help reduce waste.

At group time we sang a few songs including our planet song which the children loved. We painted our paper mache models to make them look more like the real planets. Carter and Harper loved helping with this, using our solar system poster for reference.

We also practiced some more on the Keyboard trying to differentiate between high and low sounds, Coen and Kerim enjoyed exploring this for a long time, using the keypad to change the instrument sound.

We had a little outside play on the bikes and swings before coming inside for lunch again. We have tried to implement a self serve lunch again so that the children are able to dish their own meals up. It helps with self-regulating their eating and is great at practicing more fine motor skills like using tongs.

In the afternoon we have some art and craft things planned like cutting out shapes with scissors and using the paper for collages. The children have being making some awesome creations recently and we are looking forward for the families to be able to come into the classroom again and see them all on the walls.

Thanks for a wonderful day Kindergarten and have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Andrew

Kerim, Coen and Harley making a campfire

Mace helping to clean up the creek to unblock the drain and save the animals