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Hello everyone and welcome to the big day for our graduating Kindergarten kids. Just a short and sweet blog today as we have lots of preparations for tonight’s ceremony.

In the morning we had an interesting group time with some action songs, whiteboard alphabet games and a great show and tell from Mr Mace. he brought in a dinosaur inside an egg. It prompted lots of discussions about dinosaurs that we knew or animals that come from eggs. The children passed the items around so nicely for their friends to have a look.

Other activities we enjoyed included:

  • continuing to make our pirate treasure maps from coffee, paint, and glued pictures
  • jumping and number games in the tree house
  • dancing class with Miss Jeni that had an awesome X-mas theme
  • board games like checkers, yahtzee, go fish
  • marble obstacle courses

We of course had a short practice for the ceremony tonight and the children look raring to go and show you their wonderful songs that they have been practicing for a long time.

Thanks for joining us today and we look forward to celebrating graduation with many of you tonight.

Mr Andrew, Miss Jess, Miss Jade and Miss Otavia.