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Hello everybody, hopefully everyone has had a fantastic week! We certainly have in the kindergarten class and today we welcomed 11 friends who came in with bright happy faces ready to start the day.
With a quitter classroom there was lots of opportunities for teachers to help their friends with Miss Jess helping Harper, Carter and Henry to walk on stilts. Mace and Braxton where playing a treasure game where you had to freeze when the pirate was looking. Mariah seems to be enjoying water play and the animals associated with the ocean. Wyatt is keen to explore the play shed and all it has to offer while Eva and Ellie are performing lots of dramatic play using props such as the kitchen in the home corner and the huts outside. Kerim and Coen were practicing sports skills such as football and cricket.
After coming inside we were in science mode and decided to do some colour experiments with dye. We got some test tubes and food colouring which were red, green, blue and yellow. Mr Andrew demonstrated what colour the water in each test tube will turn when mixing two colours together. All children were engaged and excited to see the end result! Soon we all got a try at doing it and we even got to do it with paint to see if the results were better with paint!! What a great group time this was 😊
Throughout the day we had lots of different activities on the tables such as building with the connector and lego practicing our fine motor skills as we had to use the tongs and move the rocks into another pot! There was also puzzles too! Our friends enjoyed playing with new baby animals and the squishy dinosaurs were a FAVIOURITE!
This afternoon we headed outside for a great big play to enjoy the rest of the day in the fresh air with our friends and teachers.
We have had a great day and hope you all did too!
Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon!
Have a lovely and safe weekend.
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.