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Wow it’s Friday already, what a fast week we have had in the Kindergarten class. We had a small group today and it was a great chance to explore the children’s interests more closely.

After some outdoor play in the sunshine we had a picnic morning tea in the tree house and did some activities and games up there. The children are getting very good at learning their days of the week, months of the year, birthdays and numbers up to 30. We also do lots of name and letter practice at these times which helps to grow children’s confidence when they know how to recognise and spell their own names.

After coming indoors the children all got to choose their favourite activities and their was a range of different choices. Arden and Braxton enjoyed building block houses for all of the toy animals to fit inside. Ellie and Mariah have been very engaged in artwork and have made some magnificent creations. Eva and Charlotte enjoyed lots of imaginary play at the home corner or even making their own shops with blocks outside. Mace enjoyed using the alphabet flashcards to make a big letter train. With the smaller groups there were different friendships blossoming too like Kerim and Eva who played together a lot by doing things like watering the plants and helping to feed the worms in the worm farm. Carter has been very interested in the alphabet and writing letters at the moment.

It was great to be able to sit with the children and explore their interests more closely and help develop their verbal language skills by engaging in deeper conversations. Children love to speak and let you know what they know when you give them the opportunities.

In the afternoon we explored a little more music such learning songs on the electronic keyboard (twinkle twinkle) and also some of our new songs at group times with the toy props (cupcake song, who’s got the hat?)

Thanks for tuning in to our blog and have a fantastic weekend. Don’t forget to check your emails for the Educator meetings next week, we’d love to see you there.

Mr Andrew

Playing their favourite game – candlesticks