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Hello everyone! We hope you have had a fantastic Friday as we certainly have today. It was a bit of a mix and match day as Miss Jess way away helping another Kindergarten class and Mr Andrew was getting the learning journals ready for the end of the year so Miss Otavia and Miss Danica were with the children as we did some exciting new activities.

At group time we sang a few songs, changed our calendar and read some stories about starting school. We had big discussions about what we might expect at school at what we might be nervous or excited about. The children seem very excited to start their new adventure.

As it is getting closer to Christmas we decided we would write some letters to Santa that included our names, our age, whether we were naughty or nice and also some things we wanted for Christmas. It was a great chance to practice writing some words other than our names.

Miss Jeni came for our music session and the children were excited to get their groove on with the music. It has been such a great confidence booster for many of the children so we thank Miss Jeni for her experience.

In the afternoon we plan to play some more games including our “immunity game” from yesterday and also a healthy food game where we have to try and boost the person’s health to the top by randomly choosing either a “healthy” or “unhealthy” food. I have been impressed at the children’s ability to try new foods on the menu so well done Kindy kids!

Thanks for joining us today and have a great weekend!

Mr Andrew, Miss Otavia and Miss Danica