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Greetings everyone and welcome to the Kindergarten blog today. It has been a great week full of lots of fun activities and plenty of learning. This morning the children were busy with a range of different projects. Coen was stacking some green rings to try and make steps to get up on the jungle gym, Charlotte, Ellie and Mariah were picking up things on their bike and delivering them to different parts of the playground. We talked about how the postal system works and if they had any mail or packages that came to their houses. Henry and Kerim were very busy loading up heavy buckets of sand and transporting them around the sandpit. I was impressed with their teamwork as the buckets were very heavy and it was definitely a two person job. Braxton was exploring the outdoor kitchen and making different creations. Harper and Eva enjoyed making a huge train track around a city filled with buildings and people.

The solar system has still been a popular topic to discuss as we have been doing our song and looking at the poster most days. We decided our last creations were a little too heavy so we have tried again to make some lighter (and bigger!) planets that will look awesome on display. They children remembered what to do and got stuck in (figuratively and literally) and had lots of fun.

Another activity on offer was to cut out and make your own skeleton, we discussed the different kinds of bones and where they are in your body. The children love learning about their own bodies because it is personal and meaningful to them. Afterwards we had some more outside time to make the most of the cooler weather as the afternoons can sometimes get too cold to play outside for long.

Our afternoon will be filled with some puzzles, stories and some drawing. The children will be able to self select what they would want to play with and this is also a part of the day that children like to work closely with their friends and you see some awesome positive interactions.

Thank you for a wonderful week and see you again next week, enjoy your weekends!