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Our day today!

With summer certainly upon us, we started our day with some outdoor activities. Painting, reading, riding bikes, playing on the swing, making sand castles and playing hide and go seek!

With the temperatures reaching an all time record high for December at Riversdale Early Learning Centre we head inside for some morning tea and refreshments. Cleaning up and packing away now, we made our way to the group mat for our daily group time. Today we decided as a class that being such a hot day it might be nice to spend the day in the North Pole as Elves with everyone picking their own special elf name for the day and also put in their Christmas wishlists.

Scout (Elliott) would like a fidget spinner and bay blades

Snail (Hamilton) would like Trucks & Cars

Star (Austin) would like a racing car

Ruby (Angelina) would like a little dragon

Elfy 1 (Harper) would like some pretty nail polish

Elfy 2 (Layla) would like a toy washing machine and kitchen

Archio (Emily) would like a Paw Patrol car

Neechy (Wynter) would like a fishing game

Paci (Mathew) just wants to spend Christmas day with all his family

Frog (Sunni) would like a truck

Elfstar (Wolfy) would like an Aquaman Sword

Santa – (Mr G) would like everyone to have a merry Christmas with a slice of adventure (and also no socks this year..)

With our North Pole A Team assembled it was time to hit the workshop. Drawing christams trees and making Christmas presents for all the children of the world. We even constructed a Sleigh to deliver all the handcrafted presents. Being a Friday at the North Pole we also had dancing with Miss Jen dancing to many classic Christmas songs.


Moving back into Santa’s workshop we finished off all our Christmas crafts before sitting down to enjoy our lunch!

After lunch it was time to relax and unwind, reading books or taking a nap. Mr G even read us some story’s.

As the day progressed and our sleepers rejoined the group we setup lots of different activities and started decorating our room with all the amazing Christmas crafts we have been making the past week.

Afternoon tea time in the North Pole. Elve’s assemble!

With our minds and bodies recharged it was time to get back to the fun stuff. Building blocks, arts & crafts, building blocks of every imaginable design we got to watch a short Christmas movie! even our lead elf Froggy was keen to get into the action spotted hiding in a pot plant!

Today has been a wonderful day summers day in the North Pole and our little elves have been hard at work and having so much fun!

Wishing all our friends and family an amazing weekend ahead! Happy Friday!