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Hello families and friends, welcome to our FUN DAY FRIDAYYYY here in the Kindergarten room.

Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 11 outstanding friends. WOWWW what a fun week it has been and there is no better way to end the week of even more FUN on this wonderful FRIDAY!! I am so excited to tell you all about our day.

All children had a great morning play outside, mother nature was very kind to us as she chose to not rain while we were having a great time in the beautiful outdoor environment.  All children had a blast playing soccer with Miss Jess even the schoolies joined in on the fun. Miss Jess didn’t let the sweat stop her from playing as she loved the enjoyment that the children were showing and how happy they all were to all come together and play so nicely. Mr G joined in on the fun too, kicking and passing the ball around. Miss Jess accidently kicked too high and the ball got stuck in the tree but after 10 minutes of everyone trying to get it back down Wyatt’s dad saved the day and got it unstuck for us. Children and teachers cheered loudly.

The swings, sandpit, scooters and bikes are always enjoyable to all children as they love exploring and finding different areas, equipment and things to play with. Soon enough it was time for all the Kindergarten children to come sit down on the green mat outside along with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess. We did our roll check to make sure all children are accounted for before Mr Andrew went through our ABC’s and helped us pronounce them with the sound. Children than stood up and walked nicely to  wash their hands properly before sitting down with their drink bottles ready to self serve themselves for morning tea.

After morning tea, all children helped tidy away before sitting on the green group time mat with Mr Andrew. In our group time today we went over our classroom rules and being kind to one an other and the importance behind it. Mr Andrew asked Eva, Ellie and Astrid to help change the calendar, they liked being the helpers and did a fantastic job. It was then time for Eva to do her show and tell!!! Eva had her bubble bath bombs to show children and a plane made from paddle pop sticks! Eva was very excited to show all her friends, her friends were just as excited to see and hear all about them. Eva said she likes her bath bombs as they are very pretty, they smell very nice AND they make the water fizzy!! Eva then told her friends and teachers that she made the paddle pop plane with Miss Gabbi!! Thankyou so much Eva for being so brave and sharing us your show and tell. As children settled back siting nicely, Mr Andrew read a giant book called “Guinee Pigs Retreat ” before children were asked what they wanted to do throughout the room today.

Throughout the room the activities that were enjoyed by friends were;

  • Lego building! Eva, Mariah, Ellie, Kerim, Wyatt and Coen really liked building houses for their animals to go into!
  • Mariah liked reading the face book at the table, identifying what each face means.
  • Kerim, Coen, Carter, Ellie, Eva, Evelyn, Charlotte, Mariah and Wyatt LOVED PLAYDOUGH PLAY!!! They made such awesome snowman’s, cakes, flower holders to put their gorgeous flowers into! They cut and manipulated the playdough into anything they wanted.
  • Braxton and Astrid enjoyed the book from this morning and had asked Mr Andrew to read it again.

We also had Miss Jenny for dancing come today!! Children did some tumbling on the black soft mat, hopscotch, free dancing then freezing and so much more! Children absolutely love moving their bodies to the music and showing their awesome dance moves.

This afternoon if mother nature decides to not rain we will all adventure to the outdoors for the rest of the afternoon OR if mother nature does decide to rain, have no fear! Children will then have all the fun inside in their room.

FRIENDLY REMINDER MONDAY the 9TH OF MARCH feel free to join Miss Kristy our guest speaker, who will speak to the parents about the ABCEDARIAN Approach from 5PM to 5:30PM. Then after that feel free to make your way to the kindergarten room at 5:30PM to 6PM to mingle with your children’s teachers as well as other parents. It is a fantastic way to get to know the teachers more and to hear more about how your child is going and if there are any questions you are wanting to ask OR even to have some parent input in what you would like to see happen in the room.

Thankyou so much Kindergarten for the FANTASTIC week and see all your bright and warm smiles next week. Have a great weekend, stay safe and have FUN.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.