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Happy Friday!!! What a fun Friday we have had in the Kindergarten today with our small group of seven children today.

Firstly we would like to wish Angelina a big HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY today, we are so lucky that she came to share this special day with us. This morning Angelina was able to create her very own birthday crown to wear for Kindy today, she chose to have a pink crown decorated with glitter.

After our delicious morning tea of muesli, peaches, banana and warm custard we came together on the mat for group time. We started our morning by singing our good morning song “Hello to the children of the world” a long with our new song Tena koe which the children have really enjoyed learning so far and have been picking this up quickly with wonderful pronunciation. After receiving some feedback from one of our lovely families, we are going to start exploring different cultures through language, food, and the appearance of different cultures. If you have any songs or books from your culture or others that you would like to share with us we would love to incorporate these into our culture. Also if their is something you would like to come in and teach us as well that would be awesome. Feel free to see Miss Emma about this 🙂 After our two songs the children suggested we sing Angelina Happy birthday too. We then transitioned to the tables for one of our fun Friday activities.

At the tables this morning the children had the opportunity to engage in a baking experience which they had decided on, which was making Gingerbread men. Which tied in so well with our topic of exploring Fairy tales where we had focussed on the Gingerbread man. When we sat down at the table Miss Emma asked the children if they knew what we needed to tell us how to make the Gingerbread men, Sage commented “Instructions” and Hamilton commented “A recipe”, well done boys you were both right. Miss Emma then explained to the children that it is called a recipe and the instruction part of the recipe is called the method. Before we could start we checked that we had all of the ingredients, which the children were able to competently identify and we also revisited the topic of hygiene whilst cooking. The children took turns at measuring and mixing all of the ingredients. As they measured the ingredients Miss Emma talked to the children about the different measurements and counting the cups and spoonful’s as the children tipped them in the bowl. As the children measured the ingredients they were also using their hand eye coordination as they scooped the flour and sugar with a spoon and poured it into the measuring cup and bowl. Once we got to the spices the children all had the opportunity to smell them and share what they thought they smelt like. This is what they thought the Ginger smelt like. Wynter “smells like sand”, Layla “Sugar”, Angelina “Sugar”, Austin “Grass”, Liam “Ew smells like bird chicken”, Sage “Peppery” and Hamilton “Chocolate.” Now it was time to smell the mixed spice here is what they thought it smelt like. Wynter “Sour”, Layla “The same as the other one sugar”, Angelina “Bread”, Austin “Smell like flour”, Liam “Spicy hot dog”, Sage “Chocolate” and Hamilton “Chocolate.” Defiantly some interesting responses from the children.  We then had to let the dough chill in the fridge for thirty minutes which was perfect timing as we had our Funky feet class this morning. After coming in from our dance and acro class the children were all very excited to finish making the Gingerbread men, each taking turns to use the cookie cutter to cut out the shape. This afternoon the children will get to taste their yummy biscuits for afternoon tea.

We had so much fun at funky feet today doing our stretches, individual performances and practicing our forwards rolls the children are definitely gaining confidence in doing this independently now, great work everyone.


This week Hungry Jacks is looking forward to spending some time with Angelina, where I hear he might get to go to a special birthday party. We look forward to hearing what they got up to during their weekend together.


We hope you have a safe and happy weekend with your families enjoying the beautiful weather that we are expecting.

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah.