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Welcome to the end of our Kindergarten week. Today was a mostly indoor day but it didn’t dampen the spirits and we still had lots of fun and learning going on.

It was a Freaky Friday where a few of the educators swapped rooms for the day and we were fortunate to have the lovely Miss Kate from one of the babies classes. She settled the children really well in the morning for some lovely reading sessions and then free choice activities.

At group time we sang our good morning song, explored our calendar, played the “jellyfish game” and then had some morning tea. After eating we watched some videos about “Jeans for Genes 2020” and had some discussions about why we are giving money and raising awareness for children with genetic conditions. We discussed how we wanted to decorate the jeans and there were lots of great ideas so look out for these at the end of the day to see what the children did.

Miss Jeni came to do her groovy dancing which the children always enjoy and we continued the active theme with some games as a class up in the tree house afterwards.

In the afternoon we had some quiet time with books and puzzles and then got into decorating our jeans. Later in the afternoon we will do some music sessions and maybe some art and craft activities as well if the weather isn’t nice enough to go outside.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy your weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Kate

Crab walking while balancing bean bags on our tummies