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Welcome to fantastic Friday.

What a warm day it is shaping up today, therefore this morning we had a short play outside encouraging the children to play in the shady areas of the play ground. The sand pit proved a popular area for the children to explore  with the children digging lots of big holes, swinging on the swings and practicing their monkey bar skills. Then we headed inside for a big drink and to refuel our bodies for our morning activities. Today on the menu we had delicious banana splits, with yoghurt, raisins, berry jam and pumpkin seeds, what a treat.

At group time this morning we had some beautiful singing of our good morning songs, then we revisited our discussion from yesterday about reduce, reuse and recycle. For the children that were here yesterday I encouraged them to go home last night and talk about what they do at home to help the environment.  Layla commented “Doing the rubbish and recycling with her Dad.” Hamilton commented “Reuse our plastic bags and the gardening goes in the green bin, all the plastic and grass goes in the recycle bin.” Wolfy commented ” I give my toys I don’t want anymore to someone else.” There are definitely some wonderful things happening at home to support our environment. Over the course of the next week we are going to talk about what we can do in the Kindergarten environment to help the environment. Over the weekend it would be great if you could talk with your child about some ideas that we might be able to use at Kindy.

Now it was time to get involved in our morning activities. The children’s choices this morning were building with blocks, Lego doll house play and home corner play. Graysen and Angelina made a great cubby house in home corner. Whilst Wynter, Austin, and Matthew were busy builders constructing a variety of creations. Hamilton and Wolfy spent most of their morning at the doll house creating a wonderful slide using the bamboo shoots for the people to slide down.

At the tables this morning we further explored reduce, reuse, recycle with a project. Here the children used their scissor skills to cut out each of the labels, sticking them to their choice of coloured card, colouring them in, then beginning to cut out different pictures to place into the corresponding bin. During their time at the activity this morning a wonderful discussion was ignited by Wynter as she asked her friend Emily “Do you recycle at home?”, the children at the table all engaged in this conversation commenting how they recycle at home.

To continue our colouring mixing experiences today the children had the opportunity to explore, hypothesis as they engaged in “The Jelly bean experiment.” The children were all encouraged to share their ideas of what they thought would happen to the jelly beans once we added the water. Here is what they thought                                                                                                  Wolfy “I think it going to mix up into a lot of colours.” Angelina ” When you pour the water the Jelly beans will melt.” Wynter ” The water will turn into rainbow.” Graysen ” It turns into rainbow.” Austin “It make full.” Matthew “Rainbow will come in middle.” Hamilton “It going to turn into a rainbow, the Jelly Beans.” Layla ” The Jelly Beans will turn into water.” Harper ” it will turn into rainbow.” Now that the children had all had a turn at sharing their ideas it was time to find out. The children were so excited attentively watching as I poured the water in. Initially nothing happened but I encouraged the children to continue to see what happens. The children got so excited as they began to see colours forming in the water, commenting what they could see happening. “The colours are melting.” ” It’s a rainbow.” “We were right it a rainbow.” ” It looks like a Ferris wheel.”  Over the course of the day the children will be able to revisit the experience to see what continues to happen. Next week the children will have the opportunity to engage and experiment with magic milk. Once again they will be encouraged to share their ideas of what they think will happen and test out their theories.

Through this experience the children engaged in turn taking, being patient, exploring colour, hypothesising, being confident to share their ideas and thoughts, and showing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

As it is Friday we had our funky feet with Miss Jenni, the children had so much fun engaging in all of the wonderful activities, practicing their dancing skills.

We hope you have a safe and happy weekend

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner