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Hello everyone and welcome to the end of the week. It was a very hot day so we enjoyed a few more indoor activities today to keep the children engaged and entertained. We had a nice play outdoors this morning before it got to hot and headed indoors for some delicious morning tea. The children have been doing well at serving themselves up, washing their own dishes and being independent and responsible.

We had some music going in the classroom today on request from some of the children. This got them nice and warmed up for dancing with Miss Jeni who has been away for a couple of weeks.

For our last “space week” activity we had a drawing and writing activity where children could choose any picture they liked from the catalogue and draw that picture and write down what it was. It was great chance to practice some artistic skills as well as writing skills and letter recognition.

We managed to get outdoors again for a little bit before we got too hot. After our yummy pizza lunch we had some quiet mediation time and stories before the children had free choice to do some construction activities, puzzles, magnetic board games and then later some cutting and gluing to make some “rockets”.

That’s all for today everyone, enjoy the photos and have a lovely weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess