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Greetings everybody and welcome to the Kindergarten blog this week!

Today we braved the chilly wind for some morning play outdoors where the children enjoyed ball games, playing on the swing, playing in the outdoor kitchen and also some number games with the big 0-100 number mat (this was a popular activity today, trying to write a number and then find it on the mat).

In the morning we had our usual group time and story times and the children love to start discussions and talk share their thoughts about what is going on which is a great way to promote verbal language development. Afterwards we gathered to watch a special slideshow the teachers put together about the old art therapy teacher called “Mrs A’s adventures” . The children were fascinated about the animals and sights they saw and this prompted lots more questions.

Another popular activity was the scratch boomerangs we made. The children used toothpicks to scratch some wonderful patterns into the boomerang and hearing their explanations about what they drew and why it was important to them was heart warming. They take pride of place hanging from the ceiling and we hope to get more of these types of artwork up around the classroom.

The children gathered for their usual Monday yoga session and one particular activity was very popular which was to lie on our backs and balance a stone on our foreheads. It really got the children focusing on calming down and noticing their breathing.

In the afternoon we plan to get outdoors for some more cricket games and skills and also to add to our Kinship tree which has been an awesome project.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Looking at common genetic features like “tongue curling” and counting how many people had each feature