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Hello all and welcome to a new week here in the Kindergarten classroom. We hope you all had fun and relaxing weekends. The children love sharing what they have been doing in the weekends with their friends and teachers and it often inspires activities for the week or month. Feel free to add to our “family contribution” sheet for the kindergarten classroom just outside the foyer entrance.

Today in the morning we had a great catch up with friends with and made sure to get some extra sunscreen on earlier today. We came indoors for our group time where we sang some new songs, did some number games on the whitebaord and then had some delicious morning tea.

Our focus today was on our names. The children have a special surprise to take home with them at the end of the year and we used them today to practice writing our names. We then did it in some sand to get a different sensory experience and the children loved tracing their names and then latter doing some pictures.

We also had some colouring in activities where the children could colour some props for a new song we are learning. It is great that we have so many props and activities that the children have contributed to in the classroom and they feel such a sense of pride when they are able to use the resources they have made.

We had Miss Hailey back for yoga which helped the children have some time to relax and calm their bodies again. then we got a little bit of outside time to run of some energy before lunch.

In the afternoon we plan to do some quiet time activities as well as some more sand and water play. We are also going to do a class favourite game called the “hoop bomb game” where the children have to figure out the pattern so they can jump in the safe hoops.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy your evening everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess