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Palya from the Kindergarten room!

Today has been a very busy day. Starting our morning playing outside with all our Riversdale Early Learning Centre friends. There were lots of different activities and a wide variety of out door play equipment set out for the children to interact with while also encouraging the children to expand their imaginations while having fun with friends.

At approximately 9.30am we moved indoors for Morning tea. Today we had a refreshing light morning snack of a Peaches, Banana, Granola and Yoghurt.

Moving on with the morning we had story time on the group mat before out to explore the many wonderful things on offer for the children to engage with around the class room. Today we had a very cool activity (no pun intended..) using ice cubes the children had previously set to freeze, water droppers and coloured dye and salt to create unique and wonderful coloured ice shapes. We also played with our train set creating a massive track circuit with over passes and bridges. Dinosaurs have been very popular with the children of late and have been inspiring much curiosity and intrigue so we created dinosaur mini worlds on a Jurassic scale. We also had plenty of reading material on hand which many children to an interest in today.

Lunch Time! Today the children enjoyed Chicken, bread, garden salad greens and roast potatoes. Yum! With our belly’s full, it was time to get some rest. Beds and quiet activities were set up for all the children around the room.

Feeling refreshed and as our class regrouped, new more activity stations where proved for the children including, puzzles, kinetic blocks, lego, chalk boards, and interactive felt boards where the children were free to create, explore and nourish their creative and cognitive minds.

Shortly we will have afternoon tea and head back outside to play!

Its only early in the year and already it is so great to see you friendships forming and existing friendships expanding. It is also wonderful to see some of goals the children set them self for this year are already being achieved. You all should be very proud of your children. We certainly are!

Happy Monday!


Sincerely ,

Mr G & Miss Emma