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It’s a new week and the children were excited to be at Kindergarten to play with their friends and learn lots of new things. We welcomed back Rikki who is back with us after a long time away and we say Happy Birthday to Daniel who turned 4 years old today!

The warmer weather allowed us to play outdoors this morning and the children had lots of fun doing their favourite activities such as riding bikes, drawing on art aisles and chalkboards and also playing with sand and mud which seemed to be a popular activity today. At one point there were 4 separate groups all doing sand or mud play with bowls and shovels.

Our planned activity for the day was to colour and cut out some templates to make some dice. The children coloured so wonderfully and also practiced their fine motor skills to cut out the shape and glue it together. It was also great for number recognition.

After we made the dice we learned about a new game called “Greedy Pig”. After each roll of the dice the children would receive that number of counters unless they rolled a 6 which meant they lost everything! However before any roll the children could “save” their counters meaning they couldn’t lose them for that round but it also meant they couldn’t receive any more. Initially the children either saved after the first roll or never saved at all but eventually they learned that they needed to collect a few counters before they saved. It is so much fun to watch their brains in action when they learn new games like this. They all adopted such different strategies which is great to see the range of different thinking.

Other activities we did today included finishing our positivity posters and there have been some wonderfully kind comments from the children about their peers. Activities like this help to build relationships and instil confidence in others and make the children think about what they like in others and what people like about them.

Just a reminder that we have a pyjama day this Friday and their will be a collection jar for charity so look out for those details.

It was such a great day today with everyone being so kind to their friends and so engaged in all of the activities. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess