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Welcome to Monday the first full week in a little while. It was nice to have my Monday group together today and enjoying the space. We have looked at a new book today all about our bodies and how they work. This activity has helped the children to understand how their eyes work, how their ears listen and also what they can smell with their noses. Emily and Hayley were very happy today to sit quietly and hear the birds. Jaxon discovered that he could hear the cars from a long way away and that the sound got louder as the car got closer. Layla enjoyed our visit to the kitchen door to see how her nose worked and what she could smell in the kitchen. Matthew has found very interesting things to see with his eyes, the truck that arrived full of turf was exciting for Matthew. The children were also able to look at photos of the grass being delivered for our new playground.

It is exciting to watch as the children take an interest in the construction and the progress that is being made. We are looking forward to playing in the new space.

We have created some life size pictures of our self on the wall, careful when you arrive it looks a little like a crime scene on the wall. The children lay on the paper whilst I traced around them and then they coloured in the different parts of their bodies, eyes, mouths, noses and big smiles.

We have had a blast as always, see you tomorrow

Miss Sharon