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“11 Days until Christmas!” the children excitedly shouted out as we explored our calendar today and looked at the date. We had a slightly smaller class today as some have left on holiday which meant we had the chance to get some helpers to prep the classroom for next year while others enjoyed a wonderful board game called “Zingo” which Jaxon brought.

Harper, Ellie, Charlotte, Lilly and Arden helped clear some posters and artwork off the wall and collect all of the blue tac as well as was the walls, sweep the floor and help store some things in the resource room. It was hilarious to find some resources that had been missing for a while like bits of lego or puzzle pieces and the children loved being little helpers as they always do.

Zingo was very popular today as there was a special machine that dealt our the cards. Everyone wanted to have a go and the children played for most of the morning.

Other activities we enjoyed included:

  • Making shapes with the rubber bands and peg boards including Marshall’s “guitar”
  • Playing musical chairs with cushions. This was a hit with the children and we played 6 round all together and our champions were Rikki, Carter, Charlotte (x2) and Arden (x2)
  • Watching the rain and puddles forming in the playground

Thanks for joining us today and don’t forget to pick up your child’s artwork and learning journal as soon as possible.

The art folders are in the foyer and learning journals will be handed over at pick up time.

Miss Jess and Mr Andrew