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Today Kindergarten started the day with an interactive outdoor morning with creative, constructive and physical activities playing with all our kindergarten, pre kindergarten and senior kindergarten friends.

We then came inside for some delicious morning tea including an assortment of summer fruits, rice cakes and organic yoghurt. Following our yummy scrummy morning tea, it was time for a bit of group time, where we sang songs and opened the forum for students to share there weekend news with the class if they wished. We have been doing a series of obstacle course over the past couple of weeks. Today Kindergarten students were invited to put forward ideas to create their own special obstacle course. After group time, being such a wonderful day outside, we moved all activity stations outside, and children were able to freely select what they would like to engage in.

This morning the children had the opportunity to practice writing their names using a similar concept we used last week. Here the children used the squeezy bottles that were filled with glue to trace over the letters of their name, then sprinkling sand over top as a different medium to the salt we used to create our PVA pictures last week. This was a great opportunity for the children to further strengthen their fine motor skills, practice their letter formations, concentrate, persist with difficulty, we also talked about the individual letters that make up their names. As some children did not have the opportunity to engage in this they will have the opportunity to explore this tomorrow.

By mid morning it was now time to put into action the plans and ideas the students had for the obstacle course as a class collective. We drafted out the run of the course and offered solutions to which materials we could use to encapsulate the many diverse and creative ideas including a series of hurdles; a wheel barrow race; rock climb wall; “golf” (where students had to get a ball into a distant target); down the slides; ice rolls (rolling across blue soft fall mats); “Lava logs” (carefully balancing and traveling across a series of tree stumps without falling into the :”lava”); before finally passing a ball to our next team mate who then  could begin the course. It was an extremely close result but the end of the day, only one team could be crowned today’s obstacle course champions. This was all an excellent opportunity for the children to display the core values of good sportsmanship which they did so eloquently.

After the excitement of the mornings activities, it was time for lunch delicious pasta bolognaise and a selection from the salad bar.

Have a wonderful afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner