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Welcome everyone to a new week here at Riversdale. What a lovely day we have had today and we can’t wait to share it with you.

In the morning we were all outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Coen began doing some handstand so we set up a big mat where everyone lined up to practice some gymnastic moves. Some showed off their jumping and hopping skills while others did rolls and handstands.

We came indoors for some yummy morning tea of yoghurt and fruits and afterwards read some stories, changed our calendar and did the morning role. Some small groups did some sign langauge songs as well. We continued our sign language theme by working together to paint a big class rainbow and we added pictures of the children doing sign language for the different colours. Next up was yoga with Miss Hailey which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Afterwards we headed outdoors for some group games and free play before lunch. In the afternoon we plan to do some table tennis ball races to practice our number recognition skills in exciting ways. We also plan to do some soccer penalty shootouts, taking turns to be the kickers and the goalies.

Thanks for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed our activities.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess