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Hello and welcome to a new week here at Riversdale Kindergarten. We have a busy week this week with it being World Nursery Rhyme Week. The children began our day indoors with some free choice activities from the shelves. Popular games included:

  • Building “towers”, Zoos” and “garages” with the large foam dominoes – There have been some wonderful creations with this resource and the children definitely have to use their thinking caps to get the constructions to balance the right way
  • Making meals in the home corner – The children have been very imaginative with lots of role playing games in this area and reenacting restaurant scenarios
  • Playing checkers – this has been a popular game over the last week and everyone has been keen to try and learn the game or show others that they knew it already – checkers is great for problem solving and thinking ahead of time
  • Voting for our favourite nursery rhyme to do – the children voted for speckled frogs (we also did the cupcake song)

For nursery rhyme week we read a story called “The Magic Porridge Pot” where a poor farmer and his wife traded their last cow for the magic pot. It would run off and return full of great things like porridge and then gold. We all drew our own magic porridge pots and decided what we would choose if it could bring us anything we wanted – some of the replies were very funny so be sure to check out the book we put together which is next to the communication books in the foyer!!

Miss Hailey arrived for yoga and the children were very focused and enjoyed acting out lots of imaginary scenarios and came up with some great additions to each story. You can notice the difference in the children immediately after a session where they are more open to trying things and are more calm and engaged in their activities.

In the afternoon we will be up at the double slide playground to practice some number games and racing games, making sure to keep cool in the shade and drink water when we need it.


Our Kindergarten Christmas party is combined with the graduation this year you are welcome to join us at 4.30 on Friday the 27th for a secret Santa and photos before and after graduation!

There is still time to sign up for educator meetings if you would like one – see dates on the sign up sheet in the foyer by the communication books.

That’s all for today so thanks for joining us!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess