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Happy Monday ♥

Hello Families welcome to our day in the Kindergarten room. What a wonderful start to the week we have had and I can’t wait to share below what we got up to today.

We started the morning outside enjoying the fresh air while we waited for all our friends to arrive. We then all came inside ready for group time with Miss Jess and Arjay. In group time we went through our calendar, roll check, spoke about what activities were planned for today. Miss Arjay bought in a special book that she wanted to share with the class called Ocean Pop-Up. It was about all these beautiful sea creatures and the children enjoyed this book and talking about the different sea creatures.

After group time all children were able to select a variety of free choice activities that they wanted to do. Ranging from, building towers with the BIG dominos using teamwork skills to work together. Lego, expanding imagination and role play in home corner. Miss Jess set up a table where the children were able to draw their own shape before they cut it out. Enhancing on their cutting skills in a different way. To extend more on shape recognition Miss Jess set up the fine motor activity where they had to think on how to create the shape that they wanted.

Miss Hailey then came to join us for YOGA! What joy that was for all as they all relaxed their bodies and did some wonderful yoga poses.

This afternoon we are lucky enough to be in the slide playground! Where some running races will take place with our speedy friends.

Thank you Kindergarten for today,

Miss Jess and Miss Arjay.