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Hello and welcome to our Monday in the Kindergarten Room.
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 11 fabulous friends into the room with open arms.

We also welcomed our new friend Mason who has settled in so well! He has had a great first day and made lots of new friends.
We did lots of exciting things today and I can’t wait to share it all with you!
We started the morning off with a play outside near the Senior Kindy and Vacation Care room as the grass is still needing to be fixed. Our friends enjoyed kicking around the ball, swinging on the swing and having so much fun with their friends and teachers.

When we came inside, we washed our hands, grabbed our drink bottles and headed for the tables to enjoy some delicious morning tea. After we have eaten our friends set off to adventure around the room.

Ellie enjoyed playing as a chef in the café area as she cooks away some delicious food for her friends. Eva, Sunni, Reid and Xavier liked playing with the connectors making shapes and cool designs. Mace and Braxton had fun playing with the washing machine in home corner and the irons.
Carter, Theo, Harper and Mason were having so much fun with the collage table as they carefully practiced cutting with scissors before they used the glitter paint to paint on the pieces they cut out.

Before we got ready for lunch, we had Miss Hayley come in to do some yoga with us which was pretty awesome! We practiced some yoga positions and played a fun game of hop little bunnies. All friends rather enjoyed it.
After yoga it was time for lunch before resting our bodies for the afternoon.
This afternoon we decided to have afternoon tea outside to enjoy the fresh air. After we have eaten, we had so much fun playing outside.
Thankyou Kindergarten for today,
See you all soon.
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess 😊